Albi Sole


Albi Sole has been guiding since 1979 and has spent the last fourteen of those years working at the Outdoor Centre at the University of Calgary programming avalanche awareness, ski touring and climbing courses for the public. Albi has an extensive resume including: writing the World’s first waterfall ice climbing guide, first climbing ascents in Europe, North and South America, and the Himalaya. Albi has guided groups to Aconcagua, Huascaran,  and  Denali, led two expeditions to Himalaya, and was a participant in lightweight sieges of the West Ridge of Makalu and the first ascent of the West Ridge of Everest from Tibet. In 2008 Albi completed an MSc. researching risk taking in avalanche terrain. Albi lives in Calgary and is married with three adult children.

Albi has now left the OCC and keeps on supporting our mission as a dedicated volunteer.

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