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Solving systemic barriers to enable outdoor leaders and outdoor programs to reach their full impact.


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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

A list of Canadian Resources


Economic Impact Study

Outdoor activity in Alberta and its contribution to our national economy


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Leading when participants express difficult behaviours


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The OCC serves as the umbrella organization for the Canadian outdoor sector. Our work addresses structural barriers affecting outdoor programs negatively. See what we do to create a reality where outdoor programs and their staff can thrive.


Field Leader Program

A series of courses designed to empower students to ensure physical and emotional safety for their participants, manage logistics, solve problems, and provide meaningful experiences outside.


Consulting Services

The OCC offers consulting services in the areas of risk management, intentional program design, business development, and administrative systems.


Who We Are

The Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) is the umbrella organization for the Canadian outdoor sector. The OCC addresses structural barriers hindering the ability of outdoor programs to reach their full impact.

"The timing of bringing the OCC to Nova Scotia was perfect. There was a community of outdoor practitioners who were looking for something to unite them, and also provide training. The OCC was that vehicle. We started a regional chapter and developed a partnership with Hike Nova Scotia, and the result has been a stronger and more proficient outdoor community."

—John Glynn-Morris

Ex-Hike Nova Scotia Board Member

OCC members represent the thousands of individuals and businesses who bring Canadians outdoors. Every year, these people offer powerful experiences to millions of Canadians and contribute billions of dollars to the Canadian economy.

For us, success means creating a reality where outdoor programs and their staff are recognized for their true value, the unfair risk perception associated with going outdoors is eliminated, governments invest to develop the sector, and other unnecessary barriers such as unreasonable insurance premiums are removed.

The outdoor sector has a wealth of passionate individuals abounding in expertise, and dozens of organizations dedicated to bringing real value to their community. However, the lack of cohesion in individual efforts leads to an incalculable amount of wasted resources.

The OCC saves time and resources by facilitating the process of creating a true national outdoor community. One where our contributions and expertise is valued as we support each other in achieving shared goals. Outdoor programs are experts at building community in the field, now it is time to do the same when back at the office. By promoting collaboration within the sector we increase the power of your voices, and leverage our collective experience and knowledge to advance our individual and collective missions.

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