The OCC is a proud member of

The Coalition for a better future brings together organizations from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors with the aim of developing a sustainable and equitable economic growth plan for Canada. By being a member of this coalition, the OCC is able to increase the awareness of decision-makers that the outdoor industry is a key asset for sustainable economic development in Canada. As a member of the coalition, we benefit from the coalition’s success, and network, and are better positioned to represent the interests of the outdoor community.

The Canadian Healthy Schools Alliance is a Canada-wide network of organizations promoting health and well-being in school communities to improve learning and set students up for lifelong success. By being a member of the alliance’s advisory committee, the OCC is able to present the benefit of outdoor learning directly to associations of school administrators, and other key players in the education sector in Canada. In this position, we can showcase the educational value outdoor programs bring and the professionalism behind the delivery of quality and safe experiences outside.

Cosphere is a community that makes it easy and empowering to take collective action towards sustainability. We are the hub for individuals and organizations to learn, connect, and harmonize our efforts to effect a system change bigger than any of us. Leveraging science, we help to identify what changes might be necessary to achieve a sustainable and just future, and how we all might effect them. We also assemble a supportive community of practice, oriented towards system change. 

General and strategic partners

As an umbrella organization, the OCC works cooperatively with other organizations sharing our philosophy and common goals. We are collaborating with the following organizations to share information and work on strategic projects critical to the growth of the outdoor sector. For an updated list of strategic projects currently underway, refer to our membership page.


The Interpretive Guides Association is a member-based, not-for-profit organization that provides interpretive guide training, certification, and professional development programs in Canada and beyond. It has been one of our partners since the early days of the OCC. Today, our organizations work together to address barriers hindering the growth of the outdoor tourism industry and showcase the importance of our sector for the future of our country.

Take Me Outside raises awareness and facilitates action on nature connection and outdoor learning in schools across Canada. It provides a key repository of resources for outdoor learning. With the Take Me Outside Day and its associated yearly challenge, TMO is hosting the most effective outdoor learning awareness campaign in the country. We work with TMO to address barriers hindering the delivery of outdoor learning in schools.

The Outdoor Learning Store provides easy access to excellent outdoor learning equipment and resources to schools and organizations. The Outdoor Learning Store brings together one of Canada’s biggest community of outdoor learning positive educators and school administrators. We work with them to address barriers hindering the delivery of outdoor learning in schools.

Paddle Canada promotes, educates, and supports the recreational paddling community, paddling instructors, and partners. It is the Canadian body with a national scope for developing and implementing accepted practices for outdoor paddling activities. We work with Paddle Canada to support the growth of the outdoor sector and the recognition of competency found within the community.

Leave No Trace Canada promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation through science-based education and partnerships throughout Canada. We collaborate with LNT in joint course delivery, furthering the sustainable use of outdoor spaces and growing the amount of ecologically healthy natural spaces where people can have transformational experiences.

Aventure Écotourisme Québec is a sectorial adventure tourism association. They bring together providers of all season outdoor activities going from sea-kayaking to hiking, to snowshoeing and many others. They establish standards for operators in the province of Québec. We work with AEQ to promote the development of outdoor tourism in the country and promote alignment in practices from province to province.

Outdoor Play Canada is a growing network of leaders and organizations working together to galvanize an outdoor play movement across Canada. It is the Canadian reference in reference to outdoor play for all ages. We work with OPC to further the growth of outdoor play in the country and ensure that outdoor play is well integrated within the multiple methodologies found within the outdoor sector.

Rando-Québec promotes hiking and snowshoeing recreation in the province of Québec. They do this by providing resources and training to all hikers in the province. Rando-Québec plays an important role in the provincial outdoor community and has long been acting as a connecting and structuring point. The OCC works with Rando-Québec to align our certified training programs, reinforce Québec-Rest of Canada knowledge exchange and help two of the nations of our country learn from each other.

Member Discount and Affiliate Partners

The OCC is proud to be partnered with the following organizations. The partners below offer our members the opportunity of exclusive access to services, discounts on products or services, or the opportunity to purchase interesting products while financially supporting the OCC.

Black Diamond offers a prodeal to OCC members who are currently working in the outdoors. To know if you qualify for this opportunity, please contact us 

Viristar offers a discount to OCC members who enroll in one of their Risk Management for Outdoor Programs courses offered on their website. For additional information on accessing this discount, contact us 

The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides offers OCC members exclusive access to professional development training sessions. Members are informed of training sessions through our newsletter.

Joelette and Co. offers OCC members the best available price on their products and members will also receive free accessories upon purchase of adaptive outdoor equipment. For additional information on accessing this discount, contact us

Zoppinh offers a discount to OCC members when purchasing from their online website.  For additional information on accessing this discount, contact us

Expert Voice offers a pro-deal discount to OCC Instructors. To find out how you qualify for this opportunity, contact us

Drive a Boat Canada offers a discount to OCC members for the Canadian boating license course. For additional information on accessing this discount, contact us

The Norseman Outdoor Specialist offers a discount on hiking and snowshoeing-related products. The discount is 10% for active Field Leaders and 20% for active OCC instructors.

For this discount to be valid, you must show proof that you are still a current member of the OCC (use the registry on our website) and that you hold the required certification or licence.

The Norseman is located in Calgary, AB at 4655 37st S.W. 

Recreation Outfitters Inc. distributes premium outdoor products from brands including DEUTER, DEVOLD, FUBUKI, COLLTEX, TREZETA, and KAYLAND. OCC members receive a discount when purchasing on ROI’s platform.

Drive a Boat Canada offers OCC members a discount on its easy-to-follow boater safety course and online boating exam.

Decathlon is a company aimed at accessibility for all outdoor activities and sports. A percentage of sales when purchasing from Decathlon comes back to the OCC.

Truearth is an eco-friendly laundry strip company aimed at reducing plastic use. They carry many other eco-friendly wellness products. A percentage of sales when purchasing from TruEarth comes back to the OCC.

Course delivery partners

The OCC is partnering with the following organizations to facilitate access to Field Leader courses.  Please contact us if you would be interested in becoming a course delivery partner. By working together, you can offer Field Leader courses and expand the services you provide to your clientele.

Mount Royal University integrates the Field Leader Courses in their Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership Degree Program.

Capilano University integrates the Field Leader Courses in their Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma.

Canadian Wildlife Federation integrates the Field Leader Courses in their hiring process as well as with the Canadian Conservation Corps.

Hike Nova Scotia delivers Field Leader Courses to the general public as well as in private courses.

The Outdoor Centre at the University of Calgary delivers Field Leader Courses to the general public as well as in private courses.

The Outward Bound Canada Training Academy provides fully-funded outdoor leadership training through immersive workshops, outdoor journeys, virtual learning, mentorship, and certifications.

Current funders

The following organizations and individuals are providing much-appreciated support to the OCC. We are deeply appreciative of the ongoing support we receive from our current funders.

The David Elton Outdoor Fund

Past funders

The OCC would not be what it is today without the generous support of the following individuals and organizations. We express our deepest gratitude to our past funders.

  • The McCaig Foundation
  • Canada Service Corps
  • The University of Calgary Outdoor Center
  • MEC
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Ross Weaver.
  • Robert Iverach
  • David McDermid
  • Ellen and Allen Borak
  • Ken Hayes
  • Jan and Larry Fichtner
  • Innate
  • NEMAR Ltd.
  • Boardwalk Charitable trust
  • Company of Adventurers
  • Finkleman Communications Ltd.