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Connecting Canadians to the Outdoors

For those Canadians connected to the outdoors, access seems so easy, but most Canadians never get the experiences they need to connect to, and be in, the outdoors year round, urban to wilderness. The OCC is piloting a cluster of programs in Calgary to find a way of opening the door for all Canadians.

The Outdoor Activity Club

The OCC Outdoor Activity Club is a 6-week intensive outdoor leadership development opportunity for youth between the ages of 16 and 30. Participants will to learn how to lead themselves and others outdoors, develop project management skills, and receive certifications in outdoor leadership and first aid. For their graduation project, they and their team will design and deliver their own outdoor experience for a group of children.


Kids Summer Camp

A 3-week kids summer camp. Connecting children and families in NE. Calgary to the outdoors through a focused experiential, skills and safety program.



Community Sport Hub

The 'Community Sport Hub' is a three year pilot project led by the City of Calgary in partnership with Calgary Board of Education, traditional sports organizations and the Outdoor Council of Canada.


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