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Field Leader Instructor Course

Why become an Instructor? 

Graduates of this program are licensed to teach courses of the Field Leader (FL) program. All graduates will be licensed to teach the FL (Hiking) course. Some graduates can received an expanded licence and teach the FL (Winter), FL (Equine), FL (Paddling), Maps and Compass courses. Factors such as Instructor Course performance, field experience and certifications received will determine which courses an instructor can teach.

The Typical Candidate.

Typical candidates are individuals who have a sufficient base of outdoor leadership experience to be able to act as mentors to other leaders. They have significant experience in teaching and facilitating experience for others. In addition, candidates have experience with the following areas:  
    • The selection and training of field staff.
    • The creation and implementation of program activities.
    • The monitoring and management of the safety of programs delivered by others (i.e. field staff).
    • The monitoring and management of program quality.
    • The organization of logistical support for field operations.
    • Record Keeping.  


How long is this course?

The OCC instructor course is usually taught over the span of 2 days. The typical day starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

How much is this course?

Prices might vary depending on costs associated with logistics. Typically, for a course to run, we need a minimum of 4 instructor candidates and each candidate will be charged 400$. In remote locations, or in locations where additional costs must be added (e.g. room rental, food costs, etc), this base fee might increase. Conversely, a reduced fee might be possible for specific camp applicants that qualify for our camp program. 

How do I become an Instructor?

To become an Instructor for the OCC, you must submit an application. This involves several steps:

    1. Ensure that you fit the candidate criteria above^.
    2. Through our website, apply for an Instructor Candidate membership. 
    3. Your application will need to include a resume or a field log outlining your personal and professional outdoor leadership experience. In addition, you will need to give us contact information for a minimum of two references who can support your candidature. 
    4. If your application is accepted, you will be able to register online for an Instructor course. If there are no courses being offered at the time you are accepted, you will be kept in a database that will help us set up courses in the future.
    5. Once you have registered for a course, you must read the appropriate material, complete the pre-course questions and prepare the lesson you will teach during the instructor course. 
    6. You attend an Instructor course!

Become an Instructor

“As an instructor for the Equine Field Leader course, I utilize this course material to train new staff who are employed with Ranch Ehrlo Society. With Safety in the recreational industry being very important I also look forward to instructing community courses with the OCC program.”

Amanda Snell,  Team Leader for an Equine Assisted Therapy Program


Please contact our Curriculum Specialist:
Alternatively, you can contact for any other questions.

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